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WIndow to Heaven by gdolapp WIndow to Heaven by gdolapp
Digi scrap QP to honor thoose we have loved and lost.

Link: [link]
jinifur Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
HI! just received your note- i will do some research into my files to see if i can help any with your needs! thank you for your sweet support and kind words! really makes my world go round...:)

and while i'm here- i'll give you a little 101 on how to link and give credit to your resources in your description field- it's super easy-

ok- look over on the right side of this whole screen- do you see under DETAILS: the word LINK with a http address in it? and the THUMB with a link in it? just click on it it right click and copy- then paste in your description say for instance since you used my roses on this piece- you'd go to my gallery and find this png- and all you have to do is either one of those links on the right- you can even put a thumb view of it- and when crediting the provider- this is what you type- :icon jinifur: but with NO space in between the word icon and jinifur- it will look like this if you do it in all one word - :iconjinifur: all you do basically is put the word icon in front of their screen name- no spaces- with the semicolons on front and back of it- am i making sense- >!~ lol!~ I know the answers are explained much better in the Q&A at the help desk on here-

basically what i'm saying is credit your providers the best you can, so no feelers get hurt- ya know?

here's the example ~ credit to :iconjinifur: jinifur ~ for the roses [link]

and btw- i love this QP- very cute- i sure wish i could get my blog fixed- ever since they've changed the template- my whole background is totally fricked up! it's like a tiny picture in the background- here's the link to my blog- i've been trying to figure out how in the world to fix it!?
[link] let me know if you can help me in that matter- LOL!
gdolapp Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012
Thanks so much for the help. I will see what I can do with the credit links this is still so new to me as I am used to just posting on my blog.

About your blog I saw a small picture behind the wording of posts and a small pick up at the top I will work with mine and see how to go in to change size and move around. If I can figure it out I will let you know. You could also give me access to it, I can find out how to do that and let you know and I may beable to fix it myself. I have given a few people acess to mine to post stuff but can't remember right now how to do it. I actually need to go in and refresh mine around with a diffrent background. I will let ya know what I come up with.
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May 28, 2012
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